Khasim Insurance Agency

About the Owner

I was born and raised in Escondido, California; I graduated when I was 17. I got my bachelor’s when I was 21 and my MBA when I was 24. Business and management have been my passion since I was very young. My mom introduced me to the business world at a very young age. I remember selling Christmas Cards in the apartment complex where we used to live. When I was 20, my mom sold me her insurance agency. I remember she had 300 policies back then.

I started working at the agency and going to school simultaneously. Those times were very hard; I spent almost all my college years between school and owning a business. I worked by myself for the first couple of years and hired my first staff nearly three years later. Since then, my team and I have grown the agency year after year from three hundred to seven thousand policies. Currently, my agency manages around 10 million in insurance premiums. We have been fortunate to serve clients in California and the estates of Nevada and Arizona.

At my agency, we understand that all our clients have different needs. Providing personalized coverage has been the reason for our success. We believe that education and proper coverage are the secrets to preparing families for unexpected hardships.

Dedicated staff and proper leadership have helped with our consistent success, and we are very grateful for our families, employees, and clients who have supported our business in the last 15 years.